What is the Preparation Strategy for Art and Culture?

Art and culture is the most important part of Prelims as well as mains. So, you have to approach art and culture with the right strategy to fetch you some good marks in prelims as well as mains GS-1.

Unlike other subjects, Art and culture need a multi-dimensional approach. It means you have to follow more than two sources to answer the questions from this area.

Book List for Art and Culture (Prelims and Mains GS1).

  1. NCERT – Introduction to Indian Art XI (Red Colour Book)
  2. Nitin Singhania – Book (You can read the selected topics if you are running out of time)
  3. CCRT website – Link. (See the Resource Page). Please go through this website. You may get straight questions from this website.
  4. Follow the current affairs (Mandatory).
  5. Do some mock tests and solve questions.

Nitin Singhania Selected Topics

1. Indian Architecture, Sculpture, and Pottery.
2. Indian Paintings.
3. UNESCO’s list of tangible World Heritage sites in India.
4. Indian Music.
5. Indian Dance Forms.
6. UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
7. Languages in India (Just have the knowledge and classical language status is important)
8. Religions of India.
9. Fairs and Festivals of India. (Read with Current Affairs)
10. Awards and Honours. (Read with Current Affairs)

Hope this will help. If you need more help on this subject, Please join us in our Telegram Group and ask your queries.

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