UPSC Prelims Astra Mentorrship - Guidance Program

Prelims Astra Intensive Guidance Program – 2023

We are really happy to announce our Premium and most loved UPSC Prelims Guidance Program“Prelims Astra Intensive Guidance Program – 2023”. If you are a person who is new to our website and hearing us for the first time, then please have a read below.

We, GetintoIAS started in 2016 to help aspirants across India. We started a YouTube channel and created very good content for the student community.

Link to our Youtube channel:

Our videos received overwhelming responses from the aspirants and we already crossed 4M views. Right now, as an extension, we have started a mentorship program for students who cannot afford hefty coaching.

This is our third batch, Last 2 batches went very well. Most of our students cleared the prelims on their first attempt itself.

1. Explain this Program? How its Work?
GetintoIAS “Prelims Astra Intensive Guidance Program – 2023”, is designed to guide aspirants who are doing self-study to crack this exam. From our end, you will be guided by our scientifically designed schedule and the test series which simultaneously check your knowledge of the subjects. Your duty is to follow the schedule in a diligent manner. Subjects strategies, tips & tricks, and book sources will be shared periodically.

2. How the program will be conducted?
We are conducting this mentorship program through Telegram. After your payment, you will be added to the private telegram group and further communications will happen there.

3. Do I get lectures or classes as per the syllabus?
No, this is not a lecture or class-taking program. It’s a test series-based guidance program. That means you will be guided by our instructions, you have to follow that. If you are just looking for someone to guide you and you can study yourself, then it’s the right program for you.

4. Who can Join this Program?
Anyone who wants to clear the prelims can join this program. But this program is specifically designed for self-study, working, rural background aspirants. Even if you are from an urban, but need some stronghold from someone, then this program is yours.

5. What are the features available in this program?

  • Scientifically Designed realistic Daily Schedule
  • Suggestions on Right Book Sources for Prelims
  • 3 revisions on key areas and 2-3 revisions of Current Affairs before Prelims.
  • Daily Prelims Related Current Affairs from various sources with a focus on The Hindu
  • Regular Test on Current Affairs
  • 10 Plus GS and CSAT Test Via PDF
  • One to One Support and Mentoring
  • We provide Important Topics before the Prelims – In Prelims 2022 we predicted nearly 24 questions which directly translates into 48 Marks.
  • Many insights and tips ease your preparation.

6. Where can I get the schedule?
The schedule will be shared in our Private Telegram Group.

7. How do you conduct the Test?
All tests will be shared in PDF format in the Telegram group.

8. How many GS and Current Affairs, CSAT Tests will be provided?
You will get 10 GS subjects-wise + 6 CA Tests + 4 CSAT Tests.

9. How many questions are there in each test?
In GS Test, – 100 Questions
CA Test – 50 Questions
CSAT Test – 80 Questions

10. How to enroll in this Program?
Please send us the payment at 8189919372 – Gunaseelan through Phonpe or Gpay and send us the receipt. Once we confirmed the payment, you will be added to our private telegram group.

11. Is there any last date to enroll in this program?
Jan 31st- 2023 is the Last Date.

12. Can I get a refund, after joining this program?
No, the fee once paid will not be refunded. In case, if you have any query then, please text us at 81899 19372 before joining this program

13. The fee to join this program?
Rs. 3500/- Valid Upto Prelims 2023. To Enroll, Please send us the payment at 8189919372 – Gunaseelan through Phonpe or Gpay and send us the receipt. Once we confirmed the payment, you will be added to our private telegram group.

14. Who can join this Program? 
If you fall under any of these categories, then you can join.

  • If it’s your First Prelims, But Not Confident?
  • Given prelims before, unable to score well?
  • So close to the Cutt-Off, still couldn’t clear?
  • Working or Self Study Aspirant don’t know how to schedule Yourself?
  • Confusion in Last Minute Strategy?
  • Looking for Expert Advice and Strategy

15. Can I pay the fee in installments?
Yes. You can pay it in 2 installments. 30 days is the time frame between the first and second installments.

16. Who will mentor us?
Myself, Gunaseelan – Founder of GetintoIAS will mentor you. I have very good teaching experience and attempted the UPSC – CSE examination multiple times with great results.

Still Not Convinced, Check our Program Reviews

About the Author: GetintoIAS Team helps civil service aspirants, those who are trying hard to get into IAS.
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