Indian Polity – Notes (Updated)

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We are still updating this page. But you can find 45+ Indian Polity Videos in the Below Link

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Indian Polity – Basic Level

1. Historical Background of Indian Constitution
2. Making of Indian Constitution
3. The Salient Features of Indian Constitution
4. The preamble of Indian Constitution

Indian Polity – Advance Level

Read the constitution in the way we presented here because starting the Indian Constitution from somewhere will confuse a bit. So we organized everything to understand in the better way.

1. Union and Territory
2. Citizenship
3. Fundamental Rights
4. Directive Principles of State Policy
5. Fundamental Duties
6. President
7. Governor
8. Vice President
9. Parliament
9. Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
10. State Legislature
11. Chief Minister and Council of Ministers

Indian Polity – Judiciary

Judiciary is the backbone of the Indian Constitution. Whenever the constitution faces threats from the lawmakers, the judiciary is the lifesaver. We cannot, run the country without an independent judiciary. Article 32 is called as the constitutional remedy to the citizen who wants to safe guard his fundamental right.

So that Dr. Ambedhkar called this article as the most important article in the Indian Constitution. Article 32 gives power to the judiciary to uplift the constitution at the failure times. Constitutional remedy can acheived only through Judiciary.

1. Supreme Court
2. High Courts
3. Subordinate Courts

Indian Polity – Local Government

1. Panchayati Raj
2. Municipalities

Understanding Level in the Indian Polity

In Indian Polity you should understand the way the constitution machinery works, that means the way the government works. For an Example conducting elections at the regular interval and appointing Governors and Judges are the parts of constitutional machinery. One cannot understand Indian Polity in a single read. You have to read twice to get the better view of Indian Polity.

We recommend, Indian Polity for Civil Services by Laxmikanth to cover all the topics required for the civil service examinations.

GetintoIAS also prepared a list of Indian Constitution Articles (395) and Schedules in the single article which is highly useful for your preparation. You can take the article a print out or make it a chrome bookmark for your future reference.

We are still updating this page. But you can find 45+ Indian Polity Videos in the Below Link

Click Here for UPSC INDIAN POLITY Preparation Videos  

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