The Seventh Schedule

The seventh Schedule forms the basis for allocating subjects to the Centre and States.
The 7th Schedule of the Indian Constitution deals with the division of powers between the Union government and State governments.
The division of powers between Union and State is notified through three kinds of the list mentioned
in the seventh schedule:

Union List: It contains the subjects on which Parliament may make laws

State List: It contains the subjects on which state legislatures may make laws.

Concurrent List: It contains subjects in which both Parliament and state legislatures have
jurisdiction. However, the Constitution provides federal supremacy to Parliament on
concurrent list items in case of a conflict. (Unless the State law gets the assent of the
President, the Central law will prevail if there is a conflict between the Central law and the
State law.)

Article 246 deals with the 7th Schedule of the Indian Constitution that mentions the three lists.

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