This is the easiest IAS Mains optional

You might land here to find out the best / easiest optional for IAS mains Examination. I don’t want to waste your time in getting the answer.

After completing your preliminary examination with the required cutoff, you are admitted to the mains examination. In the main examination, you have total 9 papers. In that, there is an optional paper, which divides as Paper – I and Paper – II.

Before further proceeding with this article, you can read this article to get the wide understanding of IAS mains optional.

Both the papers comprise 250 marks each. Aspirants believe that optional papers are the only way to improve their marks in the mains examination. So solid preparation in the optional paper will fetch you good marks and make your name on the interview list.

So let’s jump in with the core part of our easiest IAS Mains optional article.

Speaking the truth. Unfortunately, there is no easiest or best IAS main optional. Every subject has its own advantages and disadvantages. UPSC always striving hard to keep all the optional equally hard. So how to choose the right optional for me is your next question. Right?

How to choose optional for Main Examination


The simplest way to choose the optional is to look back your graduation. If you had a graduation in Economics then go for economics as you’re optional. If you are from engineering background then make your Engineering subject as you’re optional if you feel comfortable with the subject.

Engineering Optional

Usually, students from the engineering background less likely choose the engineering subjects as their optional. Because of its tough nature, lack of coaching and study material availability.

Even, some of the aspirants those who came from engineering background stated, taking engineering subjects is little risky comparing with the humanities subject like History, Economics, Geography, Sociology, Political Science etc.

But wait. Don’t take my word too seriously. If you are good at your engineering subject, then there is no one to stop taking your engineering paper as you’re optional.

So everything depends on your choice.

Literature optional

As per UPSC recent notification, there is 23 literature language optional. Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English, Assamese, Urdu.  Apart from English, most of the literature optional will be your mother tongue.

So if you have interest in your mother tongue. Then this will be the best choice.

I am from Tamil Nadu. I usually write and speak Tamil very well. So I selected Tamil as my optional. I feel better while reading Tamil as my optional even though I had good command over in English.

So if you have good confidence in your mother tongue, then you can go ahead with literature optional.

Don’t forget to do this before selecting the optional

Before choosing the literature optional, kindly check the previous year question paper and the material availability in the market. But, most of the literature optional materials and reference books available in the market. So you don’t need to worry about that.

Find a mentor or a senior who can guide you along with your optional preparation. It will be more useful in your preparation.

Choosing optional is like marrying a girl/boy. You have to live for long life and spend a lot of your time with this optional. So choose the optional paper which suits you. Don’t go blindly that you friend chosen that optional.

Read our detailed Guide: How to select IAS mains optional paper


So I always say you. Let’s go by your interest. Selecting the optional depends upon each individual aspirant personal choice, strength and weakness. No one can suggest better optional for you than you. But in next article, I will tell you the reason why choosing the optional is most crucial part of your preparation journey.


I think this article needs some Disclaimer, Or else aspirants will Sue me. (Just joking)

The above article is based on my own idea. It is not necessary for you to bind to all my suggestions. Even I recommend you to write your comments below to know more about your Ideas on this article and it will also helpful for the aspirants who looking for the better suggestion in finding the best optional.

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