How to prepare myself for UPSC IAS Interview – Diamond Tips

The interview is an important level of Civil Service Examination. Because your selection is complete from the interview itself. Most canditates are nervous by the name of interviews; they do not understand how to prepare for the interview. So for such candidates, we say that the interview does not need to panic so much. 

Generally, the Civil Services Examination is not interviewed by the University’s experimental examination of oral examinations.

How to Prepare for UPSC Interview – With Model IAS interview Question and Answers

1. Be prepared for this formal question

It is often seen that during the interview, the first question is asked by the candidate why he has chosen the area of the Civil Services or why he is applying for an application for the application. Candidates should have a sound answer.

Answers like mere service, social services are not enough. As long as the candidates do not have the knowledge of these basic questions then it won’t be a good sign that your interview will end up with the positive result.

2. Develop your self-confidence

Self confidence and definite approaches are most important when answering during the interview. If logical answers are given by analyzing the question, then the interviewer definitely gets affected. Yes, there is no need to know more about it, because the list of marks for the main exam is already available to them as proof of your knowledge.

3. Know your weakness

Before knowing others, you have to be clear about yourself. We all know about others, but we missed to find what we are. You are the only person who knows all your weakness and strength. Just by analyzing you can find the weakness which does not suit you to become an IAS officer. For an example, always thinking in a narrow way and being selfish is not a suitable attitude to become an IAS officer.

You have to be broad minded as well as self-sacrificing while working in the public service. So, develop these qualities.

4. Expect questions from DAF

Always be prepared for the questions from DAF (Detailed Application Form). Your DAF will be shared with all the interviewers and the questions will be asked directly or indirectly from your DAF. So, you have a chance to impress the interviewers by answering these questions in a nice way.

It is most important, that you should not struggle to answer these questions. It will directly make a bad impression on you.

So read your DAF/Bio-Data once again and prepare for the questions from your education, work experience, hobbies and service preference etc.

5. Be Cautious and truthful

Don’t underestimate the board members while answering. You might think that you can tell them anything, thinking like that they are not expert in your specialized area. All the members sitting on the board are very serious in taking interviews as well as being experts in their respective fields. For an example, if you are a genius in computer programming and getting a question from board members related to programming.

You should not tell whatever you think that they don’t know anything about programming. Be truthful to them and tell whatever you know. It always saves you.

6. Fake Facts

Don’t create fake facts in your Bio-Data to impress the interview board. Like I have adopted 50 children, giving lot many donations to the old age homes.

You might be caught easily. Think like you can’t hide anything from them. In some way, they might extract the attitude from you. So, always don’t create any fake/false information in the DAF.

7. Use Don’t know

Interview Board take the interview in the tone of conversation by interfering with the candidates in a natural way. Their purpose is to assess the responses of candidates, behavior, belief, determination, positiveness, negativity, interest, decision-making ability, background etc. Instead of confusing, rather than misleading answers, honestly tell them that you don’t know the answer because they also know that no person is omnipresent.

8. Develop Communications skills

You should develop your communication skills. Without developing, you will find difficult to tackle the questions asked by the interview board. In the interview, communication is the only weapon to win this situation. Without communication, you can’t express your thinking and thoughts to the interview board members.

if you are not ready to improve your communication, then, in the 30-45 minutes interview you may end up in searching the words to make the sentence and finally, you lose the interview. So, develop communication skills now.

9. Well defined – Point at the time

Be always come straight to the point. Don’t use the filler words or terminologies to divert the answer somewhere. If you are taking a long time to answer, then it will also make your interview less interesting. So, it does not mean that all the questions should be handled in this way. Act according to the situation.

10. Continue Newspaper reading

Some candidates stop reading the newspaper after completing their mains. Don’t do that. The interview needs newspaper reading. Interview board will ask questions about current affairs. If you stop the newspaper reading after the mains, how can you handle these questions?

11. Questions from Hobbies

You might get questions from your hobby to level your stress. If the interview board thinks to start in an easy way, they ask questions about your hobby which make you a little relaxed and confident. Use this opportunity to give good answers to earn their good impression. Preparing for the hobbies related questions will make you this part easy in the interview.

Be prepared and expect the questions from Hobbies.

12. Brush up Optional Subject

Most of the time, Interview board ask questions related to your optional subjects. The questions will be current happenings which are related to your optional papers. So, don’t forget to read your optional papers before going to the interview.

13. Brush up Graduations Subjects

You can expect questions from your graduation subjects. Sometime you will get a depth questions about your graduation subject. So be prepared to answer these questions.

14. Know about your District/Birth Place

Collect information about your district/birthplace. You will get questions from this part. You should know the problems in your district as well as the better solutions to overcome those.

For an example: If you are residing in the place where some historic monuments are located, then collect some information about the monuments and be prepared to answer those questions.

15. Don’t be biased

Always be impartial while giving the answers. It will not be good to be biased in certain areas. Interview board easily catch your thoughts and thinking with your answers. So that we already told you to be a broad-minded personality to overcome this biased thinking.

While answering the controversial questions, Its should be handled without any social, political, economical biases.

16. Positive Energy

Maintain your positive energy from the start to the end. Interview board will check your energy level from the beginning to the end.

17. Do Mock Interviews

Mock interviews reduce your common mistakes. It also gives you a little bit confident to handle the real interview. Most of the coaching centers providing mock interview coaching, join in any one of them and try to do your best. If you don’t have the time or financial strength to join in a mock interview coaching. Ask your friend or your mentor to help in this.

Your friend can ask questions like the interview board, you can answer it and finally discuss the strength and weakness.

18. Dress Neat

While attending your interview dress up in a neat way. The dress itself give you confidence.

In an interview Mr. Sylendra Babu, IPS told that wearing a news inner and outer fits will improve their self-confidence. 

Light Shirt with dark pants for men is the ideal wear for IAS Interview

Salwar or Saree is the ideal wear for women for IAS Interview.

It is not mandatory to wear costly blazer and saree to clear the interview.

19. Don’t Forget – Documents

We 100% advise you to recheck with your documents which you should carry with you for the interview. At last minutes in UPSC building, you might get tensed if you miss any documents. Ask your friends and our website to find the documents which you should carry while going to the interview.


Finally, we have discussed all the important points to prepare yourself to handle the interview. Kindly don’t forget to share this article in the Facebook and other social media profiles. Still, if you have any doubts and point you need to add in this article. Kindly comment below. We will respond to you.

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