The Prime Minister

In the government hierarchy, the president is the nominal executive, whereas the prime minister is the real executive. In other words, the president is the head of the state (country), the prime minister is the head of Government...

Vice President

The Vice President of India is the second highest position in the country. The Indian Vice-President office is modeled in the lines of American Vice-President. But we cannot expect the equal powers and functions of American Vice-President. (more…)
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The President

When it comes to the Union Government, The Indian President is the nominal head, whereas the real head and powers vested with the union ministers headed by Prime Minister. Common people think that the Indian President does not...

Indian Polity – Notes (Updated)

In this page, you can find out the very best material for Indian Polity, which we think our students will not miss. In case if your friends don't want to miss these valuable study materials, then please share...

India Constitution: All Articles (1-395), Parts and Schedules

Indian Constitution Introduction In the Beginning, the British came to India in 1600 as traders, in the form of East India company, later on, they got the exclusive right to trade in India under a charter granted by...