How to Prepare for CSAT – Paper 2

As we all know for civil services all students have craze from the beginning. Candidates who are successful in the preliminary examination of UPSC for Civil Services admitted writing mains exam. There is not enough time left in the prelims examination so students should start a serious study by creating a strategy. Students often have fears about CSAT question papers while they are just qualifying, in such a way, students should prepare for it under a strategy. Let’s know how to prepare for a CSAT Paper II

How to Prepare for CSAT Paper – 2

  • Students do not need much effort in this section, but ignoring it can also be dangerous. To get good marks, question papers of previous examinations should be resolved. Always keep these things in mind for the CSAT.
  • UPSC examines the analytical ability of the candidate by the questions that are in the comprehension, so the candidate should try to increase his analytical ability. For this, continuous reading of the newspaper’s editorial page will be beneficial.
  • It should be prepared 3 months before the examination and for this, firstly gather your syllabus and study material. Also, use the timetable which will keep the focus on all subjects. Choose a good book that covers all the sections given in the course.
  • Do not forget the UPSC CSAT solution for last year’s papers. It will be quite beneficial. This will help in understanding things and also the level of difficulty will be known. The best way to do this is to sit for two hours without interruption and solve it, and show your potential. After this, assess your shortcomings and find out which areas you cannot get good marks and which areas to work on.
  • To make a good strategy for preparation, it is important that you take all the subjects together and do not put any topic or subject in the pendency.
  • Giving 2 to 4 hours a day for preparing this paper, considering its potential in English, mathematics and general mental abilities. Students with Hindi and non-mathematical backgrounds will have to spend a little more time to prepare for this section. During this time, a paper must definitely be solvable.
  • After making your hold on the basics, you just start solving the practice papers. Practice as much sample papers as possible, to a large extent you will feel comfortable in the C-SAT. For this, other competitive examinations such as SSC and Banking examinations can also take the question papers.
  • The most important aspect of CSAT Paper II is time management. If you have not done enough paper, then you will not be able to complete this paper in the time given in the examination. Try to solve more and more practice papers in a two-hour period with the stopwatch. This will help you increase your speed and complete the paper on time. In the last few months, try that every day you practice a sample paper with stop reading.

Habits helpful for the successful in CSAT – Paper II

Problem-solving attitudes

Not only to succeed in the exam, have you also needed problem-solving skills while working as a CSAT – Paper II. There will be many challenges in front of you, from which you have to deal with new techniques. You may have to deal with the challenges of reading a large syllabus, time management, resources, peer pressure, the pressure of society etc. In such situations, your problem-solving attitudes will only work.

Be Your Teacher

Preparing for CSAT – Paper II is a long and tiring task. Its syllabus is constantly growing. And time goes down constantly. In such a situation, reliance on one teacher, guide, mentor or anyone coaching class material cannot be made. You have to become your own teacher. You prepare the questions yourself and use their references and study material to find their answer. By playing the roles of both the teacher and the student, you will also have confidence in yourself, which will be useful in the examination and after that.

Commitment and dedication

The journey to success in the CSAT – Paper II examination is very long and difficult. Your commitment will only work for you to complete this journey. There will be many challenges and problems in front of you, your steps will get stuck.  There are also many young people who, after putting 5 to 7 years in the preparation of the IAS, lost due to social pressure or persistent failure. Regardless of such challenges, it is also true that a handful of candidates each year crack their exams on the strength of their will. It is important that you have faith in yourself and dedicate yourself to your goal.

Quality Discussion

A CSAT – Paper II candidate should perform healthy and mock tests with his fellow candidates. Focus on one topic in these discussions, look at it with different perspectives and move your point forward on the basis of authentic data. If different points on a topic are available, you will be able to give a more balanced and complete answer to the examination. Being a member of such a dissonant group keeps getting inspiration from the study. It also helps in the preparation of interviews.

Summary: So if one wants to clear the CSAT – Paper II then it is must that he or she follow proper timetable must have good habits like to study more and more and a lot of others.

About the Author: GetintoIAS Team clearly focus to help civil service aspirants, those who are trying hard to get into IAS.
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