Guide to Prepare IAS from Home without going to Delhi

Preparing IAS from the Home or Preparing for Civil Services is a not a tough process if you have some basic understanding of the preparation.   Did someone tell you, that you must go to Delhi to Crack IAS? Do you think about it? Then, Wait.

I would like to tell you something about the IAS Preparation from the home which will make you decide on this. I have extensively written this article to make anyone understand about self-preparation for this exam. I myself doing self-preparation for the most premier examination without going to New Delhi.

Follow the below steps (always treat it as rules and obey strictly) to crack IAS.

Do you Know your Syllabus?

In the most of the time, aspirants after attending the prelims or mains examination use to discuss that these questions seem like out of syllabus. But the true is “It’s in Syllabus”. But remember, UPSC always interlinks or find any loop which relates to the questions. It may be from any recent issues or the static part of the syllabus.

To get rid off from it, read the syllabus first. Always you have a copy of syllabus paper for reference.  Surely it will help you to prepare clearly and organised.

Daily Newspaper

Read daily newspaper like The Hindu or Indian Express. Be constant with your local newspaper for state news, which will highly useful for your interview. Don’t miss to read opinions part in the Hindu. Take notes shortly for the revision before the examination.

Follow the book as prefer

Try to follow the prescribed books. Don’t set up a library in your home by shopping on Amazon or Flipkart by using the search term “UPSC Preparation Books”. Try to minimise one or two books for a Subject. We know that some subjects require 2 to 3 books, that’s exceptional here. And don’t test yourself by purchasing a new book in the market. It’s totally waste of time.

Here’s Topper’s pick book list for the aspirants those who are preparing civil service from home

Master Plan or waste plan

One of my roommates uses to make a master plan, soon after he will get a change to another one. He is still in the process to find out the better plan that works for him., Leave that!

So always be sure with your Plans. What to study? When to study? What is this Month target? Your Week goal? And your Day target? Without Proper planning, you can’t even move a single page. So please sure with your plan and goal.

Revision and Writing

After achieving your goal, revise more and more to get confidence on the topic. Frequently practice with writing for the mains questions. Writing is the process which takes a little bit time for everyone. So don’t hesitate yourself. Whenever you have some time, you should practice writing. Surely this will reflect in your mains examination merit list.

List of websites you should follow

You can follow Former Civil Servant Roman Saini on youtube in the name of Unacademy.

Insightsonindia.comClearias.com, Iasbaba.com and Our site too. We are building more content now.

Note: Read Yojana and Kurukshetra and All Ncert’s from 6th to 12th

Be constant don’t be over enthusiast or detractor, Be regular with your works. Keeping in touch with the above things will stop you from your growth.

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Please do share with your Friends those are striving hard to become an IAS officer. And comment below if you have any questions.

About the Author: GetintoIAS Team

GetintoIAS.com clearly focus to help civil service aspirants, those who are trying hard to get into IAS.
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