Prepare IAS when going college

How to Prepare IAS when you are in College?

In this article, we have come up with the different tips how to prepare civil services (IAS) in college.

Many times people will ask you, ‘What do you want to become when you grow up’? Some children say, doctor, engineer, some dream of becoming IAS.

If you also want to apply for the UPSC IAS, but cannot understand how to Prepare civil services in college, then we have come up with some tips for you that will guide you in this

  1. It is true that the completion of college syllabus is also important, but you can prepare for the IAS examination in the free time you get from the college.
  2. Prepare the timetable for the IAS examination. Because you can use most of your time only through timetable.
  3. You can take advantage of age. Because the minimum age of applicants for sitting in the UPSC Civil Service Exam or for the IAS post is 21 and maximum 32 years. If you are in the final year and you are 21 years old then you will get more chance to sit in the IAS examination.
  4. The success of the IAS examination depends on how much you take the mock test seriously. Make sure the mock test during preparation. This will give you an idea of your preparation.
  5. In the preparation of the IAS, the newspaper will be most useful for you. Read the daily newspaper very well.
  6. Keep the same subjects in your graduation in which you are strong and choose same subjects for the IAS examination. The preparation will be easy.
  7. Always choose good and authentic books to prepare for IAS. NCERT books can help you in this.
  8. The group discussion proves to be the most helpful in the preparation of IAS. Must have at least one-hour group discussion. Indeed, such topics remind us for a long time, on which we talk about something. Along with this, if there is any doubt in your mind about the topic, then it becomes clear too.

The inspiration of IAS preparation

To change the track and start something, sparks (a kind of spark) in life are very important. The preparation of civil services is usually not fit by anyone in any academic plan. There is a need for some inspiration, insistence, and spark to raise anyone in the preparation of the IAS. However, such inspiration is very personal with nature but it is also very common l can be listed as such –

  • Parents themselves are civil servants and they want to make their children an IAS.
  • Some person or relative of the family has recently become an IAS.
  • A college or a school friend or senior has passed the exam which attracted your attention.
  • The candidate listens to some topper or meets a charismatic successful candidate.
  • Seeing the plight of society, corruption in government offices, troubles of marginalized groups etc.
  • The monotony of current work, temporary career, future uncertainty etc.

However, this list is not complete and as we said above, it can be different for different person.

 How to cover Syllabus/approach for Syllabus

The Civil Services Examination is known for its vast wide range of questions in which a large curriculum is covered. It ranges from humanities to science, current affairs to government reports and analysis of facts. In the context of all these, it becomes very important for a candidate to plan strategically and carefully to prepare for such a huge curriculum. During CSE’s preparation, there are some ways to cover the curriculum-

You can check the UPSC Syllabus from here

  • Preparing a timetable
  • Setting short, medium-term and long-term goals
  • Getting Started with Most Basic Textbooks
  • Frequent and make notes
  • Reading fewer books on the same topic and repeating more often
  • To test and evaluate the subject or the question of the previous year’s question paper on the subject or unit preparation has been completed.
  • Instead of completing the course, emphasis should be on mastering the topic
  • To avoid silence, one or two more topics should be prepared in one day.
  • A candidate must know about the following three things while moving forward in the course.

Every one of us has the skill or ability, it is accomplished in it. Such skills should be used optimum for performing efficiently. There may be some examples of such qualities – writing good and fast, the ability to remember facts, figures, and concepts easily and rapidly, the ability to learn faster, the ability to shorten the things and the ability to summarize and so on Capabilities Refining them will help the candidate to succeed in the Civil Services Examination.

Your Flaws

As imperfection, the flaws are compulsory for every person. Such flaws are capable of destabilizing the preparation of CSE and need to win over them to cover the syllabus and for the best preparation. There can be some examples of flaws – taking too much time, writing on poor and slow, making a lot of notes, lack of stability etc. To be successful on the path to success, it would be mandatory for a candidate to overcome such shortcomings.

How to remove flaws?

There is no fixed formula or mantra to remove any kind of shortcoming. But reminder for constant inspiration and the true reason for preparing themselves for CSE

What can be the best timetable for IAS Preparation?

Once again this will be different for different people and will be different from the time of preparation until the time of examination. Everyone can get up at the same time, the concentration of the same level, the ability to remember things in the same way, the same interest and other qualities cannot be from one. While preparing the schedule, you should keep in mind the following points: –

  • Do not study for more than 1.5 hours at a time.
  • Take enough time for your hobbies, sports, gymnasiums etc.
  • Do not compromise with optimal sleep.
  • Strictly following the realistic and rational timetable

So if you follow the above things then it will easy for you to do preparation of IAS during your college time.

About the Author: GetintoIAS Team clearly focus to help civil service aspirants, those who are trying hard to get into IAS.
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