I cannot remember anything I studied? 5 Tips to overcome this  

Whenever I interact with any aspirant, the first complain he/she might shoot me, “Sir I am forgetting everything after reading Laxmikanth several times. What can I do? Can I overcome this? (I am taking Laxmikanth as an Example. its suits each and every subject)

For this, I can say one thing. Read, Revise, and Retention.

So what does it mean?

I cannot say that this number of time you have to read and revise the subject – because everyone has a different calibre and inclination towards each subject. Someone likes History and if they read history, then in the two reading itself, they might become master at that subject. Think if someone doesn’t like that subject, then the outcome would be zero or negative.

How to overcome this?

  1. Try to love the subject. Anything you love will come with you one day. (I am talking about the subject. Don’t expect everything will come with you. Just joking)
  2. Now start your first Reading – It should be like reading a storybook. Don’t care whether you understand or not. Just go with the flow. Don’t make the notes or highlight in the first read.
  3. Now, Start the second reading – Now just try to focus on concepts. Have a google search or refer to some videos for your clear understanding. Can take notes at this point or highlight in the book itself.
  4. In the third reading, Revise everything which you have read so far. Give more importance to your notes or the highlighted areas done in the second reading.
  5. Finally, it’s the Retention part, Retention can be done through solving more questions. If you solve more number questions you will remember more. The things which you do again and again will be stored in your subconscious mind and it will work automatically. For example, driving a car is from the subconscious mind.

So, finally – Focus more on the subject which you forget more. Do a lot many revisions, take simple notes which can be easily revised. Create mind maps, flowcharts, Diagrams and finally solve many questions. If you are doing more number of mistakes while solving questions, then it’s a very good chance to learn from the mistakes.

As per the study “The learning which you have acquired after doing a mistake will retain for a longer period”.

If you ask me personally, I have done all these things and verified. It’s working. Even many toppers have done these things and acknowledged the same.

About the Author: Gunaseelan VG

Founder of GetintoIAS, Kind-hearted and helping aspirants across the nation to achieve their dream.
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