Indian Polity Strategy – 2023

Indian Polity and Governance is one of the most important core subjects of civil service preparation. It comes under GS Paper 2.  Any civil service aspirant new to the preparation will love polity because of the easily understandable nature and practical applicability with our Politics.

So without wasting your time, let move to the Book sources and strategy for Indian Polity and Governance – GS Paper 2.

Book Sources

  1. Indian Polity – M. Laxmikanth (Prelims)
  2. Indian Constitution at Work – 11th NCERT (Prelims)
  3. Current Affairs (For Prelims and Mains)
  4. 2nd ARC Report (Only for Mains)
  5. PRS Report (Only for Mains)
  6. 12th Five Year Plan (Only for Mains)
  7. (Only for Mains)
  8. Niti Ayog three year action agenda (Only for Mains)

(I have not included the sources just like that, I carefully picked up the sources so that you can trust it.)


Coming to the strategy part, We have to divide the Indian Polity and Governance for Prelims and Mains.

Preliminary Examination

  • For Prelims, the Laxmikanth book and NCERT with current affairs and a good test series will be sufficient.

Mains Examination

  • But for Mains, you have to go some extra mile.
  • To be honest, there is no ONE book source available for GS Paper 2. we have to refer to multiple sources.
  • You have to depend on the reports, recent policy changes in national and international relations, welfare schemes, Government Documents, etc., with your basic polity understanding.
  • It would be best if you had some analytical thinking and bring your view about an issue, so you have to take notes from various sources most of the time.
  • So, I prepare notes for these topics from various sources and revise it again and again. Even many toppers have done this before. To get a clear-cut idea, please refer to the previous year’s mains question papers.

Usage of Laxmikanth in Mains

Only selective reading of Laxmikanth’s book is enough for mains. Just do some selective readings by sticking up with the syllabus.

Usage of Laxmikanth in Prelims

For prelims, you have to read the entire book (that too sticking with the syllabus and previous year’s paper weightage). To help you in this case, I have picked up some important topics which you never miss to read for prelims.

  1. Constitutional Framework (11 Chapters)
  2. Federal System
  3. Centre-state relations
  4. Emergency Provisions
  5. Central Government (Entire chapters – in this Parliament is very IMPORTANT)
  6. Supreme court
  7. High court
  8. State Government (Entire Chapters – in this State Legislature is very IMPORTANT)
  9. Local Government (Panchayat Raj and Municipalities)
  10. Constitutional and Non- Constitutional Bodies
  11. Anti Defecition Law

I know, I have covered all most all the topics in the book. But we have to read this.

I hope this article helps you in some way.

(This article was written as a part of our mentorship Program)

You can buy Indian Polity by Laxmikanth from here 

About the Author: GetintoIAS Team clearly focus to help civil service aspirants, those who are trying hard to get into IAS.
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