Strategy for Indian Economy – Prelims 2023

Indian Economy is the core area for UPSC. 10 to 16 Questions will be reflected in the Prelims paper. Everyone complains the Indian Economy is tough to read and its very difficult to understand the terms. But believe me when you take step by step then economy is going to be an cake walk.

You cannot omit this subject because you have to study this for prelims as well as for your mains exam too. Hence creating a good knowledge in Economy will surely reap benefits.

Source for Economy

Read Sankar Ganesh for Prelims – Buy the book from here

For mains: As of now read The Hindu Economy News.

Important Areas

  2. Poverty and Unemployment
  3. Five Year Plans.
  4. Agriculture
  5. Money Market
  6. Capital Market
  7. External Sector
  8. World Trade organizations and Policies with other nations.

About the Author: GetintoIAS Team helps civil service aspirants, those who are trying hard to get into IAS.
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