Benefits of Test Series in UPSC IAS Exams

In this article, we have listed out some top benefits and role in attending mock test series before going to your real prelims, mains examinations.

Now the question arises, how to prepare for the UPSC examination? Everyone has the fear about the real examination. If you go for a running competition, then you must be in practice to win over your competitors. Without practice, it’s really hard to beat your competitors. Because practice makes you find your weakness and strength before you go to the real competition.

Mock Test Series Benefits

In the same way, attending test series before going to the UPSC Examination will help you to score good marks. Ask any aspirant those who cleared this examination, they will acknowledge you, attending mock test series will differentiate you from others and make your name in the UPSC IAS final Result List.

Aim 130+ in Test Series

“Practise makes a man perfect”. Scoring 130+ in the prelims is not as much easy. You have to cover almost all the topics in the syllabus to score good marks. It can’t be done without taking test series. You have to write at least 25 to 30+ mock tests before going to the UPSC Examination.

Find out the Weakness

Everyone preparing for the UPSC examination has some weak point. Some may weak in Polity or some may weak in current affairs. Likewise, its differs. Before going to the examination, the mock test series will tell you where you are lagging. That means, on which subject you are losing your marks and which subject you need to concentrate on more. So mock test series will help to find out your weakness and strength.

Current Affairs

Mock test series will surely help to find out the way to prepare current affairs. Mock test series will tell the important topic in the current affairs. As you all know, the recent questions papers were filled with lot many current affairs questions. So, without the mock test series, you cannot complete your current affairs section.    

Reduce your fear

Have you ever seen, some aspirants who have very good knowledge fail in their UPSC examinations? Do you know why? Yes! it’s because of fear. Fear can make a knowledgeable person fail miserably. To overcome your exam fear, you have to attend a lot many mock tests and prepare for the real examination.  

Make a mistake and remember

If you make a mistake in the mock test series, then you will remember the mistake in the real Examination. For an Example: If you make a mistake in the President Election Procedure in the mock test series, then you will concentrate more on this topic. If any questions come from President Election Procedure in the real examination (Prelims or mains), then you will remember the mistake you have done in the mock test series and attend the questions carefully in the Prelims examination.

CSAT Paper – II needs practice

Nowadays some aspirants feel that CSAT Paper – II is a burden for them. Because students from the rural background are struggling to clear this paper. Even Though it a qualifying paper, everyone should aware of the nature of the questions asked in this paper. So mock test series will help you to clear this paper.     

Increase your Confidence Level

Test Series will improve your confidence level.  When you solve so many mock test series question paper and fetching good score will improve your level of thinking and self-confidence when comparing with other aspirants.

So my final words. Please be sure to take mock test series before going to examination. There are lot many institutes and online coaching websites providing free and paid test series. Choose the test series which you found good and get into IAS.

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