Effects of Global Warming and Impacts?

Do you know effects of Global warming?  Global is the major cause affecting all the region of Earth’s surface? The global warming is the result of the increase in temperature at every part by means of both land and water. The actual temperature increased on the earth is of 0.75°C (1.4°F). This temperature increase has been experienced for last 100 years. At present, the temperature rises beyond the mentioned temperature. This makes the natural causes and other effects. In this article, we are going to do some major effects of global warming

Global warming has more impact on the natural; it will affect and cause it to change gradually. A lot of effects will happen when this condition has been continued. Here the current situation of the natural due to global warming is explained. That is

Effects of Global Warming

These are the most listed phenomenon of Global warming. Raise in the temperature, Sea level increase, Mist climate condition. Health issues, Change in the food chain are the most common impact of Global Warming.

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effects of global warming

Uncontrollable increase in the temperature:

Since the effect of Global warming affects the climatic condition so the human-induced warming is superimposed on a naturally varying climate. The increase in temperature will not present in the same range across all the region of the earth. Surely it varies from place to place.

Mist climatic condition extended for long:

From the year of 1980, the expanding period of the frost-free season and the related growing season has been happening. This climatic variation gets predicted in the region of western United States. As result of this season, the ecosystems and agriculture are affected basically.

In the part of United States, the growing season is projected to continue to extend for a long time.

Changes in the food chain:

The overall food and related farming are based on the amount of rainfall only. If there is a changed rainfall pattern means the food can’t able to sustain at an unpredictable climate. So the increase of drought starts to hit in the entire region. The presence of more frequent heat waves, flooding and extreme weather makes the farmers mess to grow and farm any grains. Literally, the food production value will be reduced and all the farming foods are provided with an expensive rate.

Water drought:

The presence of increased heat and warm the already existing water and the rainfall level will be decreased. In the initial half of the water level has been impacted by severe reduction later it will end in drought.

Dissolution of the marine life:

By the rise of water in the sea level makes more frequent and intense storm surges will see more erosion in most of the coastal area. The surrounding places of the coastal area result in damage.

Heath issues:

The increased and the higher temperatures and humidity will literally produce more count of mosquito-borne disease. Even in the elder stage of the human the occurrence of death and illness has been rapidly increased.

Heading towards hottest condition:

As per the record 2015 was the hottest year. At the same time in the year of 2014, and 2016 is expected to set a new record for the third year in a row. Due to the presence of heat temperature, the past few year’s records have been broken for longest heat waves and the Bureau of Meteorology created new marks to predict the temperatures up to 54°C by means of the purple and magenta in the forecast map.

The increased water level in Sea:

Due to the unbearable rising of temperature the glaciers and ice situated in the sea level start to melt. This condition has occurred over the world. Through the melted ice increases the volume of water in all the oceans. Also, the warmer temperatures of Global Warming also result in the expansion of the mass of water, which causes sea levels to rise, threatening low-lying islands and coastal cities to hit at any cyclone.

Unpredictable climatic and weather condition of the surrounding:

Due to the effect of Global warming some natural disasters such as bushfires, cyclones, droughts, and floods have happened. Obviously, these disasters are occurring each year. At the same time, an instant and sudden impact of disasters increase the cause of Global Warming.

Changes in the characteristic of an ocean:

An ocean is a platform which will intake all the excess heat presented in the surroundings and carbon dioxide (CO2) so far – more than the air – making the seas both warmer and more acidic. The Warming waters in the ocean make the coral reefs and driving stronger storms to get bleach to an extreme. This acidic nature of the ocean put the sea living things like shellfish and tiny crustaceans in danger. On the whole, the ecosystem related to marine will be constantly reduced.

Method to control Global warming:

Today’s effective way to fight against Global Warming is that greenhouse effect. This natural greenhouse effect maintains the Earth’s temperature at a safer zone of a level and making it possible for humans and many other living organisms to live in the perfect climatic condition.

The greenhouse effect will be stimulated at the time of experience of some gas which causes warm. The glass wall of greenhouse makes the heat to contain and restricts it from escape.

The actual working mechanism of the greenhouse effect is that when the sunlight scatters on the earth and it will expand to present in all the region of the atmosphere. After sometimes the absorbed heat on the earth forms the heat.

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Here the greenhouse effect will trap and cover some amount of heat onto the glass. So the amount heat on the surroundings will be considerably reduced. By the increased number of the greenhouse effect will have the way to trap sunlight and heat.

But only the greenhouse effect is superior to control global warming so as to put an end to the Global warming and its related effects use the significance of greenhouse effect. The changes can be done only if all the humans put some efforts on the serious issue of Global warming which means the things which create a gateway to heat and increase the temperature wants to be avoided completely.

Most importantly grow more trees since tresses are the only way to produce better environment locally and globally.

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